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The Ancient World: Peoples, Powers, and Politics

Context is important. Find out how the social, religious and political context of Israel influenced biblical events and literature. | Read More »

Archaeological Ages

This table gives a larger context for biblical history by mapping the progression of ancient civilizations according to the technology used in each time period. | Read More »

At the Market

It was the center of life in biblical times. What did it look like? What took place there? Read more to find out. | Read More »

Blacks in Biblical Antiquity

The Old and New Testament include numerous references to African individuals. Learn more about this legacy. | Read More »

Early Israelites

Most of the Israelites were nomads. Find out where and how they traveled in the Ancient Near East. | Read More »

Israel's Imports and Exports

Exchange is inevitable whenever people meet. Check out this detailed list of Israel’s exchange with surrounding nations. | Read More »

Paying for Merchandise

The invention of money transformed the ancient world. Find out how the emergence of the monetary system influenced the biblical world. | Read More »

Common Forms of Transportation in the Ancient World

Biblical characters couldn’t use trains, planes or buses, but they did use camels, chariots, sailing boats and the occasional giant fish. | Read More »

Travel Over Land

In biblical times, feet were very useful – most travel was done by foot. Find out what it was like to travel over land in biblical times. | Read More »

An Ancient Flood Story

The Bible isn’t the only ancient text with a flood story. Read about the flood stories other flood stories in the ancient world and why these accounts are important. | Read More »