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Build Your Bible App

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The new “Build your Bible” app has launched! Build your Bible is a new and engaging way to challenge yourself and your friends to gain a deeper level of biblical knowledge. You can play on your own or challenge friends to a competition through Facebook.

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General Letters and Revelation

Audience: Youth Adult Individuals Format: Web Format: Web

The final nine books of the New Testament are written in a number of styles by different writers. The first eight (Hebrews through Jude) are often referred to as the “General Letters.” Some of these are clearly written in letter form, similar to the style of Paul’s letters.

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John the Baptist

Audience: Adult Youth Format: Web Format: Web

John the Baptist’s message of repentance was instrumental in preparing the way for Jesus’ ministry. Read more about his life and work here.

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Luke’s View of Jesus

Audience: Small Group Leaders Individuals Adult Format: Web Format: Web

Luke’s gospel shows how God acts in dramatic ways to fulfill his plan for the renewal of his people. The picture we see in Luke is of a Jesus whose life and message are closely linked to “outsiders.”

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A Year With the Bible

Audience: Adult Format: PDF Web Format: PDF Web

By reading this guide’s short Scripture selections each day for a year, you will gain a greater knowledge and love for God and his written Word.

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Does God Hear Me When I’m Angry?

Audience: Adult Youth Format: Web Format: Web

The book of Psalms is a collection of 150 prayers and songs used by the ancient people of Israel in their worship of the LORD. They express a range of human emotions, and the writers of these psalms often let God know when they were angry.

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How People Made a Living in the Time of Jesus

Audience: Adult Individuals Format: Web Format: Web

Peter fished. Matthew was a tax collector. Find out what other jobs were available in New Testament times.

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